Movement, playfulness, texture, and shape are elements brought into my design concepts. The combination of metals, and techniques such as reticulation, fold-forming, and dimensional forming are chosen to echo patterns of the world around us. Inspirations from my intrigue with the use of paper in Japan – for wrapping foods, for making ornaments, for toys; or the shields and masks of Africa, Borneo, the Americas; or those small, insignificant beings that live under our feet; and I could go on ...

Many of these are one of a kind pieces, produced for exhibits, for commission work, or simply for the pure pleasure of it! Enjoy looking through the photos. Materials used are sterling silver, gold, copper, brass, precious gemstones. I am the designer and creator of my work, using the occasional student who wishes to know about a working studio. Purchase inquiries are invited for one of a kind pieces! Please contact me by email. -
Sussy-Rose Shields - River Mill Studios - Wilton, NH

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